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The high style of oriental poetry in colors.

On February 28, the studio "Juma" hosted an exhibition of works by Berdyguly Amansakhatov dedicated to the poem "Vis and Ramin" by the Persian poet Fakhriddin Gurgani.

Berdyguly Amansakhatov read the work "Vis and Ramin" about 20 years ago, but the realistic feel of the plot has matured only now. He was inspired by the high style of oriental poetry. His series reveals the beauty of poetry and grace. He emphasizes that there is satire and irony in the poem.

He does not call his works illustrations because they do not convey the very basis of the story. They reflect more his reflections on the poem. It is a work of art, where the spirit of F. Gurgani's poetry is invested.

"B. Amansakhatov is not interested in the plot itself. All the content is very archaic and modern. He is interested in the images of the Parthian kingdom, the feelings and characters of the people. When an artist is inspired by poetry, he conveys it in his work to us as well. Berdiguly has caught the spirit of poetry very subtly," said Altynjemal Baylyeva, art critic of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan.

Visitors enjoyed the conversation and shared their opinions. By the end of the evening, the invited guests wished Berdyguly Amansakhatov creative success and inspiration for future masterpieces of art.

The poem "Vis and Ramin" is a love story about the time of the Parthian kingdom. The poem was written by Fakhraddin Gurgani in the eleventh century.

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