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Garmala is an effective remedy for infections

Garmala (yuzarlik) has been For centuries the Turkmen people have been using it as an effective prophylactic against various infections. Its healing properties are as It has been used for centuries by the Turkmen people as an effective prophylactic against various infections.

In one of his books, devoted to the medicinal plants of Turkmenistan, the head of state tells about the ways of using garmala. There are many different recipes of decoctions on the basis of yuzarlik. In addition, Turkmens kept in their homes as dried bundles of this plant and made fumigation of the premises to prevent various infections. The Turkmen used to keep dried bundles of this plant in their homes as well as to fumigate the premises to prevent various infections.

It has been scientifically proven that hormalas has been scientifically proven to have a deleterious effect on many species Bacteria and viruses, and the alkaloids in the leaves and seeds repel Disease-carrying insects. Ancestors Turkmenistan people used to smear themselves with garmala on the eve of important and crowded important and crowded events like weddings, housewarming, etc. Subsequently, the schematic image of of yuzarlik appeared on the modern emblem of the Ministry of Health Turkmenistan.

Equally effective in the fight against contagious diseases red pepper. In his work, the Turkmen leader also described its effectiveness in treating coughs, runny noses, and other symptoms of colds. Today, red pepper is part of many medicines.

As one of the means to counteract the spread of infectious diseases, smothering premises with garmala is of particular importance today. In connection with the difficult epidemiological situation around the world, the President of Turkmenistan instructed Deputy Prime Minister P. Agamyradov and Minister of Health and Medical Industry N. Amannepesov to carry out a broad explanatory work among the residents of the country in order to systematically and massively conduct appropriate preventive measures.


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