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Astrakhan vessel bound for Turkmenistan was grounded

Yesterday evening the head of the Astrakhan Ministry of Emergency Situations reported about the successful operation on the dry cargo ship "Senator", which ran aground about half past four in Moscow time on June 4, being in the area of the 126th kilometer of the VKK.

According to the emergency services, the vessel was raised with the help of the tug Agat at about 5:20 p.m. Moscow time, preserving the tightness of the hull. No fuel or lubricants were spilled.

According to information provided earlier, it is known that the "Senator", assigned to the port of Astrakhan, was transporting car parts and components to Turkmenistan. The vessel was heading from the port of Olya in Astrakhan region to the Turkmen port of Turkmenbashi, the number of people on board - 14 people.

The vessel was not disturbed due to the incident.


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