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The opening of the creative center "Jahan" in Ashgabat was a real celebration

The opening ceremony of the Center for Creativity took place in the capital "Jahan."which was built by IE "Sport ýyldyzy".

Artists and cultural figures, many of whom are future teachers of the center, participated in the celebration. The bright performance with songs and dances ended with a welcoming message from the Head of State.

In the cultural center "Jahan" there are comfortable conditions for the training of creative young people. There will work sections of various kinds of arts, as well as sports clubs.

On the first floor of the center is located dance studioThe first floor is the first floor, where classical and national dances, as well as modern trends, will be taught. On the second floor - painting studioIt has everything you need to study and learn about the visual arts. The center is also equipped with recording studio, there will be a variety of CollectivesChildren's choir, vocal and instrumental ensembles.

The festive opening ended with a concert, prepared by masters of art.


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