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The works of the Turkmenistan photographer are on display at the exhibition hall of the House of Russian Abroad

The Russian House of Abroad in Moscow opened the doors of the exhibition hall for an exhibition of works by Ashgabat photographer Vyacheslav Sarkisyan, who is a professional photojournalist for the international magazine "Turkmenistan". Thanks to the photos of the talented photographer, the illustrated publication is very popular.

Sarkisian's works are published in the catalogs of photo contests in the European Union, Central and Eastern Asia. Personal photo exhibitions of the master were held in more than 40 countries, invariably arousing genuine admiration, and his reportage works received well-deserved awards. It is not for nothing that he was awarded the high title of "Outstanding Master of the International Federation of Photographic Art" and secured worldwide recognition.

His keen observation and inquisitive mind have captured for centuries in photos the unique corners of nature and the special charm of the Turkmen national culture.

The variety of genres of works allows us to admire architectural monuments of the Turkmen antiquity and modern transformations in the country. And what an indelible impression the gallery of portraits of famous people of Turkmenistan makes.



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