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Schoolchildren of Turkmenistan were solemnly escorted to a holiday in Gokdere

Schoolchildren of Turkmenistan were solemnly escorted to a holiday in Gokdere

Schoolchildren from all velayats of Turkmenistan were solemnly escorted to a holiday in Gokdere. The celebration took place on the square in front of the Ashgabat Palace of Children and Youth. This bright event marked the start of the first shift of rest in children's camps.

Children's creative teams put on a festive performance of song, dance, and music for those departing to the unique natural area of Gokdere.

Buses decorated with brightly colored balloons brought the children to their destination. The children were welcomed in the cozy rest homes with lots of entertainment and tasty holiday meals.

Gokdere has long received well-deserved recognition in Turkmenistan as the best health resort for children. On its territory there are not only modern children's recreation centers. The main treasure of the resort is its amazing nature - oak and pine groves, picturesque mountain slopes. Children, who come here for rest, every day is sure to be filled with joyful emotions and vivid impressions.

The state policy of Turkmenistan is aimed at forming a generation that is physically and spiritually developed. The ceremonial start of the first shift in children's camps once again demonstrates how much importance the authorities of Turkmenistan attach to all-round development of young Turkmenistan citizens.

The state seeks to create all necessary conditions for children to spend their time usefully, and their upbringing to be based on national and universal values.

Fulfilling the order given by the President of Turkmenistan, specialists of relevant ministries and public organizations approached the preparation of children's recreation with maximum responsibility.

Children of Turkmenistan of all ages can enjoy a variety of activities - cultural, sports, recreational and creative. Highly qualified teachers will teach pupils in the hobby groups and help them improve their knowledge of computer programs and foreign languages. Children will visit theaters and museums with excursions, as well as stage performances and organize literary readings.

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