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The Turkmen Alabai is one of only two extant purebred breeds in the world

The Turkmen Alabai is one of only two extant purebred breeds in the world

Publicist and columnist Serdar Akiniyazov in his article spoke about the origin of Turkmen Alabais and the significance of the breed in the cultural and historical heritage of Turkmenistan.

The Turkmen Alabai is one of the two extant purebred dog breeds in the world, which have survived unchanged to our times from ancient times. The second such breed is the Aleutian husky. But this is not the only thing that makes Alabai the national pride of the Turkmen people. These dogs are characterized by special traits that are appreciated not only in Turkmenistan but all over the world. Among them are nobility, loyalty, fearlessness, pride and courage.

Alabai will be loyal to his master; he responsibly performs the assigned tasks, so the shepherds found a reliable companion and helper in his person. And if the flock is attacked by a wolf, the dog will fight it to the last breath. When it happens that the dog will be confronted by two wolves at once and it won't be able to give them a decisive response, the alabai will voluntarily leave its place of residence, because such a defeat causes irreparable damage to his pride.

According to legend, the ancestors of today's alabais are leopards. They were lured to females by leaving a lamb next to a tethered dog, and these strong and nimble predators would come down from the mountains to the bleating of the lamb. At the same time, these dogs are characterized by a friendly and balanced character - the angry and aggressive dogs were culled by the shepherds at an early stage.

The nobility of the Alabai is eloquently demonstrated by the fact that if the dog has to get in a fight with a congenie, it will never finish the defeated opponent.

People of Turkmenistan cherish the living embodiment of their centuries-old history, striving to preserve the purity of the breed and pass the Turkmen Alabai to their descendants unchanged, just as their ancestors managed to do.

The country is pursuing a targeted breeding policy, which is facilitated by the opening of Türkmen alabaý itleri facility complexes throughout Turkmenistan. These specialized facilities will allow professional breeding activities for this breed of dogs, which has already become legendary. Turkmenistan will continue to strive to research, develop and protect its national pride, as well as contribute to its popularization worldwide.



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