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A fascinating excursion into the world of jazz in the IRC

On February 27, the U.S. Embassy Information and Resource Center in Ashgabat hosted an entertaining lecture titled "The Roots of Jazz. Stephen Geiss, director of the U.S. Embassy's Information and Cultural Affairs Department, gave a brief history of this musical genre.

According to the director, lectures of this nature can noticeably English language proficiency by exploring lively topics such as music, its history and genres.

"Such classes are also designed to acquaint students with the origins of different cultures and styles, to study the history of the founders of all kinds of industries, to attract the interest of the younger generation in the arts, and to help bring them closer to the work of great figures."

Stephen Geiss emphasizes the importance of delivering the talk in an interactive format, to actively discuss with the audience. Thus, according to the speaker, a lively conversation with those in attendance, where everyone takes the initiative for oral communication.

Stephen Geiss / Presentation on the Origins of Jazz Music at the IRC

The presentation included excerpts of music - vivid examples of jazz classics, which laid the foundations of the genre and shaped it later on. the genre in its later years.

Sessions at the IRC are attended by all interested persons, regardless of age. The director of the Department of Informatics and Culture plans to hold more such presentations and dedicate them to various prominent personalities in the world.

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