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Ten million trees will be planted in Turkmenistan in 2020

This year, Turkmen authorities will plant 10 million tree saplings across the country. At the last meeting The President signed the corresponding decree "On Planting Trees in Turkmenistan in 2020," which describes the program of landscaping activities for the current year. The nationwide scale envisaged in the document is important for improving the ecological situation in the country.

According to the decree, between the etraps of Ak Bugday and Baherdene of the Akhal province will have 5 million new trees of deciduous, fruit and coniferous species. The ministries, the branches, are responsible for organising the event. ministries, the industry agencies and the Mayor's Office of Ashgabat. The remaining 5m trees, including grapes, are to The other 5m trees and grapes are to appear in other provinces. Fruit trees and grapes will be planted with The remaining 5 million, including grapes, are to be planted on specially designated plots provided with drip irrigation systems. drip irrigation systems.

To implement the Decree, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection is responsible for providing the necessary number of seedlings of grapes and three-year-old trees. In addition, the specialists of the Ministry must follow the technology of planting in the field and advise on the peculiarities of care of the trees.


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