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Turkmenistan explores possibilities for effective use of basalt ore

Impressive deposits found in western areas of Turkmenistan basalt ore - The country's scientists are already preparing the scientific basis for her effective use. Research is also being conducted regarding its introduction into production. Responsible work is entrusted to scientists Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

Despite the fact that basalt fiber is a new innovative product, it has already proven its high efficiency. The main characteristics of the material that ensure its competitiveness are low cost, high resistance to chemical attack, simplicity, reliability and ease of operation.

Thus, used as a rebar materialBasalt continuous fiber makes it possible to replace 8-10 tons of standard reinforcement with only 1 ton of composite reinforcement. Profile pipes made with basalt fiber are able to withstand temperatures from 260оC to 700оC, or even 900оС.

Dispersely reinforced with the above material have similar properties foam concrete wall blocks. In addition, due to continuous basalt fibers the crack resistance of concrete increases by 3 times, anti-impact properties - by 5 times, resistance to destruction - by 2 times. At the same time blocks of this material are 3 times lighter than standard ones. And less weight means less load on the foundation.

Basalt fibers are also capable of providing pavement durability and strength. Studies have shown that the melting temperature of basalt fiber is 1150оC, which brings it closer to the ceramic fiber, but the price is an order of magnitude lower.

There is no doubt that due to the above factors, this material has all the chances to become a product of wide consumption. For example, the material can find widespread use as a a minor reinforcing additive to the base material in the production of tiles, asphalt sidewalk, sidewalk tiles, concrete etc., as well as for the manufacture of automotive brake pads.

Source: Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper

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