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Turkmenistan will build an airport complex on the territory of Balkanabat

The Ministry of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan announced an international tender for the construction of an airport complex on the territory of Balkanabat. The engineering structure will be located in the area of Jebel settlement, 18 km distant from the administrative center of Balkan velayat. It will consist of a runway and a two-storey passenger terminal. The new airport will improve the level of service both for local residents and residents of the entire region.

The project envisages that the complex will be able to serve up to 100 passengers per hour. At the same time, the flow of those departing will be separated from those arriving. The same applies to luggage. The waiting room will be for 170 seats. Additionally it is planned to equip a room for mother and child, VIP-halls, pharmacy kiosk, rooms for attendants and buffet. It is also planned to equip the airport premises in accordance with modern requirements.


The length of the runway will be 2,700 meters and its width will be 45 meters. The airfield will be equipped with means of ground support of flights, which will allow it to accept aircrafts of all types used by "Turkmenhovayollary" agency. It is also planned to install all necessary control systems and equip the complex with a powerful radar and other airfield equipment as well as equip the aircraft parking areas, taxiways and the apron.

In addition it is planned to ennoble the territory adjacent to the airport complex. This will allow the new engineering structure to blend into the landscape as harmoniously as possible.

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