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A complex of equipment for delayed coking is being created in Turkmenistan

Westport Trading Europe Limited (WTL) is a U.S. company engaged in the construction of a complex of equipment for delayed coking and tar deasphalting in Turkmenistan. The implementation of the project, the total value of which is equal to €120 million, started at the end of 2019. The construction is planned to be completed in 2022.

Speaking about the progress of the work, the director of the branch WTL in Turkmenistan, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Allaberdy Ilyasov, emphasized that they are being carried out at an accelerated pace. This is facilitated by a number of factors, including attraction of modern high-tech equipment, optimization of production processes, efficient financing methodology and competent distribution of labor inputs. The proper coordination of interaction between the company's managers and employees also plays an important role.

After the start of use, delayed coking equipment will provide in the future annual production of about 900 thousand tons of raw materials. Annual productivity of tar deasphalting equipment is planned at the level of 500 thousand tons - stressed A. Ilyasov.

WTL is also the winner of the tender for the turnkey installation of a new atmospheric oil distillation unit. The ELOU-AT electric desalting unit will be involved in the process. The unit is located on the territory of Seyda Oil Refinery. Its annual capacity will be 1 million tons.

Earlier WTL has already implemented such projects in Turkmenistan as a unit for production of road asphalt and catalytic processing of petroleum products at Seyda refinery, as well as a number of projects for Turkmenbashi refinery.


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