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Arctic cyclone to bring severe cold to Turkmenistan

As promised by meteorologists, this week the inhabitants of Turkmenistan will feel the approach of winter, and perhaps see the first snow.

It will be coldest in the north of the country: tomorrow November 17 in Dashoguz province the temperature will drop in the morning to -5...-9. In Balkan, Akhal and Mary morning frosts are expected up to -1…-3, During the day the air will warm up to +10 ... +12.

On November 18-19, residents of the capital expect frost and wet snow: In the morning the thermometer will show -1 ... -2, in the afternoon +1 ... +2. In Dashoguz region night frost will increase to -8 ... -10, during the day it will not exceed -1 ... 0 degrees, variable cloudiness. It will be a little warmer in the morning in Lebak province: up to -4 ... -6 during the daytime it will be +3 ... +8, no precipitation. In Balkan, Akhal and Mary it will be -2 ... -5 in the morning, the daytime temperatures will be the warmest in Balkan region - up to +8. Rain with snow is expected in Ahal and Mary on Wednesday, November 18.


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