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Non-cash turnover in Turkmenistan for 11 months of last year approached 13 billion TMT

The total volume of non-cash transactions conducted in Turkmenistan during the first 11 months of 2022 approached 13 billion TMT (12 billion 908 million 564 thousand TMT). This is reported by Business Turkmenistan information portal with reference to the data of the Central Bank's Banking Automation Department.

Of the total non-cash turnover, payments through terminals with the help of bank cards were made in the amount of 12 billion 84 million 195 thousand TMT. The volume of payments made through the modern system "Electronic commerce" amounted to 541 million 640 thousand TMT.

Payments through the "Mobile Bank" system were made in the amount of 12 million 486 thousand TMT. Non-cash payments in the amount of 246 million 200 thousand TMT were made through ATMs. With the help of "Internet Banking" system non-cash transactions were made in the amount of 1 million 573 thousand TMT. At the same time, 22 million 453 thousand TMT were transferred through the system "Halkbank terminal".

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