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Chary Atayev on World Anti-Trafficking Day [interview]

On July 30, the world celebrates World Human Trafficking Day.

Human trafficking is a global problem that affects the lives of millions of people around the world, regardless of gender, age or race. From the perspective of international law, human trafficking is a grave crime and a gross violation of human rights.

Despite numerous efforts by states, international organizations, and civil society organizations to combat human trafficking, more and more sophisticated ways of trafficking for the purpose of exploitation are emerging every day.

Arzuw NEWS asked Chary Ataev, head of the UNODC program office in Turkmenistan, several questions on the topic:

- Can you tell us about World Anti-Trafficking Day and the problem of human trafficking in general?

- The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in resolution A/RES/68/192 in 2013 to "raise awareness of the situation of victims of human trafficking and to promote and protect their rights," is observed annually on July 30.

Human trafficking is a serious crime and a gross violation of human rights. Every year thousands of people, regardless of age, gender or race, fall into the hands of human traffickers.

Despite the fact that human trafficking is recognized by the international community as a serious crime, the problem remains acute today.

- Victims of human trafficking, who are they?

- Trafficking can happen to anyone, at home or abroad. Children, women and youth, migrants and refugees are especially vulnerable.

- Tell us about your awareness campaign for World Anti-Trafficking Day?

- The UNODC Country Office in Turkmenistan, together with the USAID Safe Migration in Central Asia and Support to Governance programs and IOM, is conducting an information campaign on World Human Trafficking Day on July 30th to raise awareness of the global issues of human trafficking and safe migration in Turkmenistan to express our solidarity with trafficking victims, not to stand aside, and to join our efforts in addressing the key challenges to

Also, I would like to highlight Turkmenistan's commitment and contribution to activities aimed at combating human trafficking and emphasize the Government's close cooperation, as well as the work of the Interdepartmental Commission to ensure compliance with Turkmenistan's international human rights obligations and international humanitarian law with our organization on issues related to strengthening institutional capacity, sharing experiences and best practices, developing comprehensive national strategies in the field of

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