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Seismic stations produced in Azerbaijan will be placed in Turkmenistan

Azerbaijani RNM ASP seismological stations, which can predict the probability of earthquakes by analyzing acoustic noise, are planned to be located in Turkmenistan. Scientists from the Institute of Seismology and Atmospheric Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan met with their colleagues from the Institute of Control Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan to discuss key aspects on the eve of signing the agreement between these institutions. In addition, the scientists paid attention to planning future bilateral work aimed at arrangement of RNM ASP seismological stations in Turkmenistan.

RNM ASP stations analyze captured seismoacoustic noise to predict the probability of earthquakes. Azerbaijani scientists told about the capabilities of their development in a specially created presentation. It was noted that the seismic station of RNM ASP series is an innovative invention, providing early detection and prevention of earthquakes. Their work is based on the newest technology. About 10 such structures are already in operation in Azerbaijan. By analyzing the acoustic noise they provide rapid detection of anomalous seismic activity and its further monitoring.

The proposal of Azerbaijani scientists on joint activities aimed at creating an intelligent system of recognition of data recorded by RNM ASP stations during the detection of anomalous processes is one of the steps towards the implementation of the Program to reduce seismological risk in areas of Turkmenistan with high seismic hazard. The project envisages installation of 22 new seismic stations monitoring volcanic activity. The stations already in operation in Azerbaijan are planned to be connected to a network of similar stations to be erected in Turkmenistan in the future.


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