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Investment forum in Turkmenistan: General Director of TKNPZ urged to invest in deep processing of hydrocarbons

Investment forum in Turkmenistan: General Director of TKNPZ urged to invest in deep processing of hydrocarbons

In his speech at the International Oil and Gas Investment ForumAt a meeting in Ashgabat, Dovran Chishiev, general director of the Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries (TKNPZ), urged to invest in deep processing of hydrocarbons, indicating this direction as the most promising.

The TKNPZ produces various types of refined products. These are not only kerosene, gasoline, oils, diesel fuel and liquefied gas, but also polymer products. And its buyers are both Western European states and Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries.

Turkmenistan is implementing the Program of Oil and Gas Industry Development, which provides for a set of measures aimed at modernizing the industry, which, in turn, will contribute to the growth of production capacity.

TKNPZ is also upgrading its equipment in stages. Companies and technology developers for the oil and gas industry are also involved in this activity.

The General Director of TKNPZ dwelt separately on polymer production, noting that this direction of development of Turkmen oil and gas chemistry is one of the most promising. Polymers are the main components for production of various products for industrial, agricultural, construction, transport and household needs.

The polypropylene production units built at the Turkmenbashi complex are expected to help realize the country's potential in their production more fully. For this purpose they use liquefied gas extracted during oil refining. The resulting products - granulated polypropylene - are exported.

In 2018 TKNPZ commissioned a facility that produces biaxial-oriented polypropylene film. Its annual production capacity is 21 thousand tons. At the same time, an automated railroad trestle built at the Kenar enterprise, which stores and ships petroleum products, was also put into operation. Its task is to significantly increase the transportation capacity and improve its reliability.

Since a significant portion of TCNPP production is transported by sea, a terminal was built at Turkmenbashi International Sea Port specifically for storage and shipment of polypropylene.

In 2020, two gas turbine power units with a capacity of 70 megawatts per hour were laid. With their help an uninterrupted supply of energy for the needs of the Turkmenbashi complex will be ensured.

The modernization of TKNPZ continues. It has already resulted in a significant increase in the share of industrial products manufactured by the enterprise, which is now a quarter of the total volume produced in Turkmenistan. The General Director of the Turkmenbashi Complex emphasized that investing in deep processing of hydrocarbons is now the most promising and can provide the most profitable monetization.

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