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The expert analyzed the factors of Turkmenistan's economic growth

The expert analyzed the factors of Turkmenistan's economic growth

Economic expert Valentin Trapeznikov answered journalists' questionsThe first of the two pandemics has been a global pandemic, and the second has been the global pandemic, which is a global pandemic.

The analyst positively characterized the timely economic decisions made by the government leadership.

First of all, the previously initiated transformation of the structure of budget revenues, as a result of which the share of raw materials gives way to the primacy of industrial. The state economic strategy is aimed at diversification: industrial development, import substitution, and strengthening export opportunities. In order to reduce the risks of raw material exports, the government is qualitatively expanding domestic processing segments.

Talking about the achieved results, the expert reminded about the most large-scale innovative projects of the oil and gas sector initiated by the President of Turkmenistan. The analyst noted their importance as a basis for further global growth. Owing to the innovative technologies introduced at the enterprises of Turkmenistan, the raw materials are processed into products of higher value and more demanded in the global markets. The economic observer also noted the parallel development in this direction of the agro-industrial complex and the national economy as a whole.

Analyzing VED, the expert focused on Turkmenistan's creation of multi-modal transport and transit corridors. These initiatives, according to Trapeznikov, promote not only regional trade and economic partnership, but also global global cooperation. The initiatives of the Turkmen leader to use the logistics and infrastructure facilities of Turkmenistan and the Turkmenbashi sea port to achieve common economic goals of the ECO member states were noted.

Next economic The observer cited statistical information on economic activity in Turkmenistan for 2021.



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