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The expert analyzed the development of the electric power industry in Turkmenistan

Economic expert of the editorial board Valentin Trapeznikov shared his vision of the development of the electric power sector in Turkmenistan.

The observer noted the growth of indicators in this area: Turkmenistan produced 19.3 billion kWh of electricity in 3 quarters of 2020; tempo growth relative to the three quarters of the preceding year is equal to 16.3%. The high dynamics of development of the sphere is due to the competent attraction of Turkmen and foreign investors, thanks to them the velayats and the capital are provided with ultramodern power plants (Twelve power plants generate 6,511.2 MW), thousands of kilometers of transmission lines cover the territory of the state. The "Concept for the Development of the Electric Power Industry of Turkmenistan for 2013-2020" served as a powerful impetus for the development of the country's electric power industry

New facilities under construction in the industry are based on innovative technologies, and many are unique to Central Asia. For example, since September 2018, the Mary HPP has been operating Central Asia's largest combined-cycle power plant (1,574 MW)This made it possible to double the total capacity of the hydropower plant. According to the socio-economic development program for 2019-2025 more Seven high-powered power facilities.

Gas turbine power plant (432 MW capacity) is being built in the Chardjevo etrap of the Lebap region with the participation of Sumitomo Corporation (Japan), Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (Japan), and Rönesans Holding (Turkey).

In early fall 2020, the President of Turkmenistan participated in the ceremonial laying of the 2 gas turbine power plants (70 MW capacity), reconstruction of the TKNPZ power plant.

Energy projects make it possible to increase exports of electricity. Electricity exports for 3 quarters of 2020 was equal to 3.6 billion kWhthat in 3.1 times more The main importers of electricity in Turkmenistan are Iran and Afghanistan. The main importers of electricity from Turkmenistan are Iran and Afghanistan.

The installation project is important for the region Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan transmission line. In February 2020, the construction of the Turkmen part of the TAP from Mary HPP to Herat, Afghanistan, started.) The TAP transmission line will not only provide electricity to infrastructure facilities, but will also allow exporting electricity to South Asia.

Projects are also being developed in Turkmenistan alternative energy complexesThe innovative complexes are planned for Ashgabat City and the innovative village of Lake Altyn Asyr. Innovative complexes are outlined in the plans for Ashgabat City and the innovative village near the Altyn Asyr lake.

Trapeznikov concluded his article by stating the fact: the energy policy of our state is a guideline for improving the energy sector for the foreseeable future and the integration of the state in the energy system of the planet.


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