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Monument to the Turkmen Alabai opened in Ashgabat

On November 10, 2020, with the participation of the Head of Turkmenistan, the opening ceremony of the monument "Turkmen Alabai" installed at the traffic circle along Makhtumkuli Avenue between Taslam Street and Teheran Street was held. The monument was installed at the roundabout along Makhtumkuli Avenue, between Taslama Street and Teheranskaya Street. The creation, on the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan, of the monument to the dog, which embodies the respect and honor for courage and kind-heartedness of "man's friend", emphasizes the importance of the alabai in the national destiny and its role in the life of Turkmens.

The distinctive characteristic of the Alabai - a dignified, self-confident behavior - is expressively embodied in the new Ashgabat majestic sculpture. The monumental dog reaches six meters in height, and the pedestal is nine meters high. The fifteen-meter-high monument, placed on a thirty-six-meter square, is perfectly visible from all sides and is already visible to the eye of Ashgabat's residents and guests from afar.


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