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A new traffic interchange will appear in the center of Ashgabat

In the capital of Turkmenistan, at the junction of Turkmenbashi and Niyazov Avenues, the construction of a new two-level of traffic flows. The project envisages the construction of a tunnel under the ground and four safe crossings for pedestrians. The work is being done by the private Nusaý ýollary, which won the tender.

Taking into account the growth The interchange is very urgent, especially during peak hours, given the growth of vehicular traffic in downtown Ashgabat. interchanges are very urgent. The two- and three-level interchanges and bridges built in capital in recent years are examples of unloading traffic. They demonstrate in practice how important it is to optimize roadways in a big city. city.

Ashgabat architects worked on the design Ashgabat architects worked on the design of the tunnel under the ground, taking into account The latest technologies in the field and studied the current designs of erecting similar objects. of similar objects were studied.

On top of the tunnel at the traffic circle The roundabout will be mounted an octagonal stele equipped with four 8x8 8x8 meters. The interchange will start operating in September 2020.

As we can see, construction in Ashgabat is in full swing, not only of residential buildings, as we wrote about earlier, but also the creation of infrastructure.


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