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The image of the Akhalteke horse: an art exhibition opened in Ashgabat

The Academy of Arts presented more than 200 artistic embodiments of the Akhal-Teke in various performance techniques: painting, ceramics, sculpture, graphics, as well as - jewelry, carpets, tapestries. 150 creative participants, including teachers and students, presented their works.

This annual contest is dedicated to the national holiday - Turkmen Horse Day, which is celebrated in Turkmenistan on the last Sunday of April. The main purpose of the exhibition is to reveal the role of Akhalteke horse in the history and present time of the Turkmen nation through the artistic images made in a variety of techniques.

To ensure the greatest objectivity, the names of the authors of the works and the titles of their works are not disclosed, they will only become available to the public after the verdict of the experienced representatives of the jury, which will be compiled for each category of the competition. This approach gives room for imagination to each visitor of the exhibition in presenting the creator of the work. The most daring can try to guess the master by style and handwriting and make their own assumptions about the winners of the contest.


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