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OSCE holds seminar on protecting Turkmenistan's oil and gas industry from disasters

Ashgabat hosted an online seminar on the topic of protecting Turkmenistan's oil and gas industry from natural and man-made disasters. It lasted two days and was organized by the OSCE.

Experts from the Main Directorate of Civil Defense and Rescue of the Ministry of Defense, as well as specialists from the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry, were invited to participate in the seminar. The event was attended by delegates from law enforcement agencies, departments and institutions whose activities are related to the oil and gas industry.

During the seminar international standards and best practices in assessing hypothetical risks and developing effective measures to prevent accidents in the oil and gas industry and responding to them promptly were discussed. Further, a number of points were considered regarding protection of the environment during construction of oil production and refining facilities, in compliance with international standards.

They also discussed the introduction of mechanisms to protect the oil and gas structure and strengthen energy security. In particular, they discussed ways to protect the industry from "hacker" attacks.

As N. Drozd, head of the OSCE Center in Ashgabat, stressed, the seminar was another important step toward strengthening the partnership of trust between the participating countries, helping to form an effective model for confronting the threats that may arise for the oil and gas industry.


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