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Online meeting in Ashgabat to discuss gender issues

During an online meeting held in Ashgabat as part of the joint A project of UNDP and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan, it was also discussed Gender Vulnerability in Agriculture and Water Management. The main goal of the project is to Support the development of agricultural communities in adverse climatic conditions.

The meeting reviewed a draft guideline on how to collect, process, and further apply gender-disaggregated data during sectoral planning and budgeting, while also taking climate change adaptation into account.

The event was attended by over 20 Delegates from relevant ministries and departments, as well as representatives of educational institutions, project developers and experts. The online meeting was also attended by representatives of the governors of Lebap and Dashoguz provinces and the districts of Gorogly and Danev, as well as other interested persons.

It was noted that successful adaptation to climate change is helped in no small measure by proper planning not only at the local, but also at the national level. Therefore, one of the tasks of the project was to guidelines developmentto identify and solve gender-specific problems. This will allow taking them fully into account in further planning of adaptation and budget allocation processes in the agricultural and water sectors of Turkmenistan.

Gulnara Ibraeva, International Consultant on Gender Policy, presented the draft instruction on the collection, processing and application of data. She also spoke about the recommendations to improve the document. The author of the draft guidance note noted that gender statistics is a unique type of statistics. It is thanks to it, it becomes obvious how different the position of men and women in all spheres. With its help, it will be possible to form directions for development in the future.

As part of the cooperation with the program aimed at improving public administration in Turkmenistan, this project will help to develop and effectively apply a set of measures to improve the status of women in society.

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