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PÝGG (traffic police) keeps order in the yards and streets of Ashgabat

August 1, Ashgabat, /Arzuw NEWS/. The Police Service for Road Supervision (Popularly known as "GAI") launched a campaign to bring order to residential yards and roadways in the capital. We are talking about violators of the rules of long-term parking in the wrong place.

Now, if a driver violates paragraphs 12.3 and/or 12.4 of the Traffic Rules, traffic control officers fix the improperly parked vehicle on special photo/video equipment and send a notice of administrative offense with a fine to the address of registration of the car owner. At the same time, a sheet with a message about the violation is attached to the fixed vehicle, with the following text (translation from Turkmen):

Dear Driver!
According to paragraph 12.3 of the Traffic Rules of Turkmenistan, in order to rest for a long time, overnight stays and other similar purposes, parking is allowed only in specially designated places or off the road. Also, we remind you that paragraph 12.4 of these Rules prohibits stopping in places that prevent the entry or exit of other vehicles or the movement of pedestrians. And we also inform you that your violation was recorded by means of photo and video recording.

8 Comm.

  • It would not be bad, if also tell/specify the places where you can not park for a long or short time.

    • When they took off the license plate I asked this question, because according to the pdas there was no violation. The answer killed me - 'there must be a sign 'parking'.

    • It is necessary to specifically study and know the rules of the road. All the answers are there.

  • They're right, but at least the drivers won't break the law and the kids will have more space.

    • More space for children? Children should play in the playgrounds, not in the parking lots.

  • That's what they write all over the world.
    DTS paragraph 12.3

    12.3 Parking for the purpose of long rest, overnight stays and the like in a populated area is permitted only on sites provided for this purpose or outside the road.

    • 12.1Stopping and parking of vehicles is allowed on the right side of the road, on the shoulder, and if there is no shoulder, if possible, on the right at the edge of the roadway.
      And now: 12.3Standing for long rest, overnight stays and the like is permitted only on sites provided for this purpose or outside the road.

      How is it understood? No one knows. can only go to a lawyer on this issue.And also how much more correct in terms of the law, that the traffic police officers take pictures on the phone
      Secondly, in an area where there is no parking space, where can I park my car? For example, there are 1000 cars and parking lots for only 500 cars.