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Turkmenistan's first power plant is included in the list of historical monuments

Gindugush HPP is the first energy structure built on the territory of Turkmenistan and is included among the historical monuments of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Ancient Merv". This is reported by the newspaper "Turkmenistan".
Construction of this station began in 1909 on the Murgap River and became fully operational in 1913. The station was built about 40 kilometers from the town of Bayramali to provide electricity to the royal estate as well as to the cotton-cleaning and oil-factory located there. The power generated by the water flowing down from the Gindigush Dam on the Murgap River made it possible to replace the steam and oil engines previously used.
This facility, considered at the time to be the most powerful in the entire Russian Empire, was equipped with three water turbines, each with a capacity of 0.4 MW. Except for a minor overhaul in 1980, these units have been in good working order since their commissioning. The engine room, which was completed in 1909, and the dam, have been preserved to this day.
The first power plant built in the country is preparing for its 110th anniversary next year.

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