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President of Turkmenistan Speaks at UN Global Forum on Extractive Industries

President of Turkmenistan Speaks at UN Global Forum on Extractive Industries

The head of Turkmenistan spoke at the UN Global Forum on Extractive Industries. In his speech, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov noted that Turkmenistan shares concern over the detrimental impact of industrial emissions on the environment. Our state fully supports the coordination of international efforts aimed at reducing the risks and threats in this area. The Turkmen leader emphasized the conviction that universal adherence to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is a key factor in reducing the above risks. This treaty sets the global agenda in the environmental sector. Turkmenistan acceded to this fundamental agreement and is committed to specific specialized cooperation with the UN and specialized world agencies in the practical implementation of the document.

By early 2023, Turkmenistan is planned to submit to the UN Secretariat the IV National Communication on Climate Change and the I Biennial Communication developed with the support of UNEP and UNDP. In addition, Turkmenistan and UNIDO are preparing to implement two large-scale projects to protect the ozone layer.

The Turkmen leader expressed his readiness to continue working together with the above-mentioned and other UN agencies.

As one of the largest resource-producing nations, and aware of the responsibilities involved, our country makes every effort to maintain a balance between industrial goals and the mission of protecting the environment.

In 2019, a new version of the National Strategy on Climate Change was adopted, which paved the way for the implementation of environmental objectives. Adaptation measures permeate virtually all production and economic activities of the non-governmental and public sectors of the country. Efforts are being made to reduce the carbon intensity of products manufactured in Turkmenistan.

According to expert calculations, until 2030, the development of the Turkmen economy will be accompanied by a reduction in the share of energy consumption per unit of GDP. We can see a trend of reducing the growth of CO2 emissions to 122% by 2025, to 118.1% - by 2030.

In order to mitigate the climatic impact, Turkmenistan has taken measures to restore forest areas and improve land use. The "Green Belt" greening program has made it possible to create large-scale forest belts around settlements using innovative water-saving irrigation methods. Turkmenistan plans to plant 30 million seedlings in 2021.

The President of Turkmenistan reaffirmed the state's unwavering focus on uniting and strengthening the efforts of the countries of the world in the face of serious eco-threats. Our state proposes specific urgent measures:

  • It is necessary to start creating a UN Strategy aimed at the introduction of low-carbon energy;
  • an international roadmap for the promotion of hydrogen as an energy priority should be created under the auspices of the United Nations.

As an initiator of these proposals, our state is ready to become a participant in the development of ways and criteria for the implementation of global environmental programs in the near future.



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