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Turkmenistan's president finishes writing a book about Ashgabat

Turkmenistan's president finishes writing a book about Ashgabat

The president of Turkmenistan announced during a government meeting that he had finished working on his new work. The head of state's book is called "Ak şäherim Aşgabat" ("My White City of Ashgabat").

The Turkmen leader noted that the capital of neutral Turkmenistan is also the embodiment of international prestige that the state has achieved over the years of independence. Ashgabat is among the most beautiful cities in the world. It is characterized by the high level of economic and cultural development. The white marble city looks in full harmony with the diverse natural landscapes surrounding it. Besides, the heritage of various historical epochs is organically intertwined in it.

The head of state stressed that all Turkmenistan citizens respect the glorious 140-year history of the capital of their homeland. Although the extant written sources point to this age, in fact, the life in this territory was in full swing even earlier. Thus, the President mentioned that in the outskirts of the modern metropolis there was an ancient fortress dating back to the Parthian state and testifying to its former greatness. Today it can be used to study the peculiarities of that historical period.

Ashgabat has many names. According to the Turkmen leader, the main city of the country is also called "aşyklaryň şäheri" ("city of lovers"). The people of Ashgabat, who are always open, friendly and hospitable, also had a lot to do with the origin of this name. And these qualities of the inhabitants of the capital have remained unchanged throughout the whole period of its existence.

Over the years of independence, many diverse objects have been erected on the territory of Ashgabat, emphasizing the national color and historical and cultural values. The unique characteristics of many new buildings have allowed them to be included in the Guinness Book of Records.

In the 14 decades of its existence, Ashgabat experienced not only triumphs and victories, but also many hard years. The years of the Great Patriotic War and the terrible earthquake that followed completely destroyed the constructions constructed on the territory of the capital city at that time. And there was no family that would not have suffered in that terrible year of 1948. However, even in these difficult times Ashgabat residents displayed remarkable solidarity and mutual assistance. And the city revived and flourished again.

Today, Turkmenistan's main city is a center for the development of culture, science, sports and education. It is growing rapidly. In the north, for example, Ashgabat City, a residential complex embodying the concept of a "smart city," is under construction. To the west is the Nisa Fortress, which has been inscribed by UNESCO on its World Heritage List. All this shows that even as a dynamically developing city, Ashgabat and its inhabitants cherish the objects of historical and cultural heritage.

The President of Turkmenistan tried to embody all these features of the country's main city in his work. Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed hope that his book would interest readers and become a useful and memorable gift to all citizens of the country on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the white-marble Ashgabat.

The head of state instructed Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Sh. Durdyliev, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Foreign Ministry R. Meredov, Deputy Prime Minister M. Mammedova and Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of the State Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan Ch. Amanov to organize a presentation of the book "Ak şäherim Aşgabat" in the period left before the celebration of the anniversary of the city.

As a reminder, earlier Turkmenistan's head of state dedicated his poem to Ashgabat.

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