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Berdymurad Berdyev's recital after 20 years

Berdymurad Berdyev's solo concert was held last weekend at the Artist Theater in the capital city. Berdymurad Berdyev, the Grand Prix winner of the international contest "Golden Tuning fork", singer and composer, appeared on the Turkmen stage after almost 20 years, delighting his audience and fans.

The performance was of a charitable nature. The artist performed famous Soviet compositions of the 60-70s, songs from the Beatles and CHRISTIE repertoire, as well as some works in the Turkmen language. The singer was accompanied by Rovshan Nepesov, Honored Artist of Turkmenistan and conductor.

The concert featured songs dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. By the way, he is the author of the music of the famous song to the poetry of Paul Herman "How long ago it was", which in Berdymurad's performance never leaves the audience of different generations indifferent.

On stage, Berdymurad Berdyev sharedThe audience applauded the maestro for the encore of the romance "I'll Never Forget You" from the rock opera. The evening was very touching and emotional, the audience applauded the maestro and asked for an encore of the romance "I Will Never Forget You" from the rock opera "Juno and Avos".


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