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A medical student from Turkmenistan volunteers at a Kazan hospital

At the moment. in Tatarstan over 350 volunteers help the core nursing staff and physicians in the green spaces of the covid hospitals. A significant patient flow has put a strain on the hospital's emergency rooms, and the support of medical students is essential. Volunteer medics receive patients, take them to be diagnosed, draw blood and do EKGs, and do initial tests. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Tatarstan, more than 60,000 volunteers joined the "Helping Hand" movement.

TV channel "Tatarstan New Century" dedicated a story to medical students who provide volunteer assistance. One of the student volunteers at the Kazan hospital Nurali Kerimov of TurkmenistanA young man is studying to become an obstetrician-gynecologist. The young man is being trained at Kazan State Medical Universityand combines her studies with her volunteer work. Nurali is from a dynasty of doctorsHe knows from the example of his family how difficult it is for medics now: the situation is difficult, there are not enough people, the full-time medical staff is not able to keep up. That's why the guy wants to come and to help, to assist in a hospital at the call of the heart.

Many young citizens of Turkmenistan, studying abroad, become active participants in the social movement of universities and cities, often coming to the aid of people. Previously We wrote about two students from Turkmenistanwho rescued a resident of Chuvashia.


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