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Cotton, rice and winter wheat: Turkmen farmers report success

The results of farmers' work testify to the activity of autumn agricultural work in Turkmenistan.

Cotton Harvesting The leaders in this sector were some districts of Akhal and Mary provinces, which fulfilled the plan of raw cotton harvesting. The greatest contribution was made by the etraps "Ak Bugday" and the Serakh etrap43,250 tons and 35,730 tons, respectively, as well as Iolotan and Turkmenkala etraps Mary province - 31,500 tons and 35,500 tons of crude.

In addition, in Turkmenistan the sowing campaign is overAs a result of which 690 thousand hectares were sown with winter wheat. According to the plans of agrarians in 2021 it will be possible to harvest about 1 million 400 thousand tons of wheat.

Rice harvesting in Dashoguz province is completed on 75%. Farmers reported a high crop yield, so the annual plan of 35,000 tons of rice will be successfully implemented.


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