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TKNPZ refining rate reached 105%

The rate of oil refining at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries (TKNPZ) reached 105% in two months. The leading industrial Turkmenistan's leading industrial enterprise of fuel and energy complex within 2 In the past two months, it processed 874,000 tonnes of crude oil out of 884,000 tonnes supplied to Turkmenistan. supplied 884 thousand tons. The total volume of gasoline of all grades was more than 269 thousand tons.

The oil complex occupies an area, more than 450 hectares. The enterprise provides jobs for more than 3.5 thousand specialists. The modern administration building of TKNPZ was opened in 2008.

The complex produces liquefied gas, diesel fuel, various gasoline and kerosene, as well as base and commercial lubricating oils. Besides In addition, the company also produces coke, bitumen, polypropylene, film bags and other products. Sales of products are handled by Commodity Exchange.

At the moment delayed coking equipment is being installed at TKNPZ. It will increase crude oil refining capacity by another 10-20%. Coke-oven gasoline produced by means of this equipment is a component of A-80 gasoline. It can be a raw material for producing motor fuel corresponding to Euro-5 or high-octane gasoline.


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