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Turkmenistan will drill a well to 9,000 m for the first time

The state concern "Türkmennebit" holds an international tender for the purchase of special equipment, capable of working at a depth of 9000 m. It will be the first time that a well of such depth will be drilled The planned location is Uzinada square in the coastal zone of the Caspian Sea (about 35 km south of the Caspian Sea deposit). The planned location is Uzyada area on the Caspian coast (about 35 kilometers to the south of Barsagelmes field). It is expected that they will reach large oil deposits.

According to R. Urumov, head of the newest technologies division, test drilling in this area was carried out in 1972. drilling in this area was carried out in 1972, at which time it was possible to reach depth of 4,213 meters. Last year the drilling of a closed research well No. 1 started again. exploratory well No.1, and on January 19, 2020, the oilmen drilled approximately 6,746-6,752 meters, oilmen got 106,000 cubic meters of gas and 143 tons of condensate per day. At the moment Currently, the deepest wells in the region (about 7,000-7,150 m) wells No.7 and No.17 are considered to be the deepest wells developed with ZJ-70 DB drilling systems.

For production at the Uzynada field, the most advanced technologies and high-tech equipment, which allow, among other things, The Uzyda field is produced using the latest technology and high-tech equipment, which allows, among other things, online monitoring of operations and, if necessary, making adjustments. adjustments, if necessary.

To study in detail the peculiarities of underground deposits of raw materials, specialists of Türkmennebit and Türkmengeologiýa work on several wells at once.


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