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Turkmen doctors urge not to self-medicate with antibiotics

Ogulmyahri Geldieva, director of the Information Center of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry, urged citizens not to self-medicate in a recommendation in the Neutral Turkmenistan daily.

She stressed that uncontrolled administration of antibiotics in the form of injections or pills without prior tests and analyses can cause severe allergic reactions and pose a health hazard. In severe cases, anaphylactic shock can occur, which is accompanied by a sharp increase in temperature, pressure on the chest, and a drop in blood pressure.

О. Geldieva emphasized that one should not be guided by the opinion of people from the Internet, who give advice on treatment without medical education. Antibiotics, including broad-spectrum antibiotics, should be taken strictly according to the prescription of a doctor, who will competently calculate the dosage and duration of use, in time to identify the susceptibility of the body to allergies.


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  • In my family, no one uses antibiotics, all treated with folk remedies! Thank you very much for the article!

  • Hello is certainly a correct call, but what the Maryites who 90% treat themselves, and it is not for nothing, because our doctors 1) cooperate with pharmacies 2) are unprofessional they are not interested in the health of citizens and are interested in how to get more money from the patient, so you think about it.
    I have not been able to cure my gastrointestinal tract for two years, although there is nothing supernatural there.

    • Salam mana sizing arzuw news akawudy gownume yarady we mende uly tasir galdyrdy