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Turkmenistan and Iran intend to develop a partnership in oil production

Representatives of Turkmenistan and Iran expressed mutual desire to develop partnership in the sphere of oil production. Negotiations of Turkmenistan's representative in Tehran Ahmet Gurbanov and CEO of KERSO (Khazar Exploration and Production Company) Ali Osuli were devoted to this topic. The company is a part of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).

The representative of Iran spoke about projects aimed at the development of oil fields in the Caspian Sea. The head of KERSO also touched upon aspects of the organization of enterprises engaged in shipbuilding in the northern part of Iran. Ali Osouli spoke about Iran's experience in building platforms for activities in the Caspian region, including the semi-submersible platform "Iran-Kabir", as well as the use of multi-purpose vessels.

The representative of Turkmenistan praised the prospects for the development of bilateral partnership in the field of engineering and technology. The head of the diplomatic mission noted that Turkmenistan could benefit from Iran's technical experience in the deep-water part of the Caspian Sea. The Ambassador noted that for effective work in this direction a number of meetings of companies of both countries specializing in this type of activity should be organized.

Turkmen-Iranian cooperation in the Caspian region, according to Ahmet Gurbanov, has great potential. And its expansion will certainly have a beneficial effect on the economies of both neighboring countries.

These and other issues of cooperation in the field of fuel and energy complex are expected to be considered at the next meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission of Turkmenistan and Iran.


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