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Turkmenistan Increases Export of Goods to Iran by Rail

Turkmenistan gained volume Exports of goods to Iranusing to do so rail transport. The data obtained indicate that through Sarakhs TerminalThe country has exported to the Turkmen-Iranian border during the last seven months of the year 2020. 35% more items relative to the same period in 2019.

In total, direct deliveries from Turkmenistan to Iran amounted to through Sarakhs 200 thousand tons of cargo. The recipients of exports were such localities on Iranian territory as Mirjaveh and Bandar Abbas.

In addition, the following was put into operation new highway bridge. It connected both sides of the Sarakhs, located on the Turkmen-Iranian border. This bilateral project is the second of its kind. It is focused on the development of the border and increasing traffic using road transport. In the future, a number of similar road bridges between the two countries will be built.

At the moment, according to the agreement between Turkmenistan and Iran, the Sarakhs the corridor for the movement of road transport is still open. Earlier, communication between the two states was suspended - the closure of borders occurred due to the global pandemic. Subsequently, the parties organized a joint videoconference in May 2020, during which they discussed the problem of increasing the volume of transport.


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