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Turkmenistan Participates in International Water Rescue Exercise

Turkmenistan Participates in International Water Rescue Exercise

Turkmenistan participated in an international water rescue exercise in the Russian part of the Caspian Sea. The event, organized by the Astrakhan Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC), brought together rescue forces and resources from Turkmenistan, Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The Russian side was represented by 19 ships and vessels. Azerbaijani side was represented by specialists of Azerbaijan State Maritime Agency, Kazakh side by Marine Administration of Aktau and Bautino ports, departments of emergency situations of Mangytstau and Atyrau regions, Turkmen side by captain of MPT Turkmenbashi.

The main objectives of the exercises were search and rescue operations, practicing the actions aimed at the organization and implementation of these activities and providing first aid to the injured.

International exercises were held to determine how well communications between ships and patrol services of cooperating associations are organized in case of emergency situations in the zone of responsibility of the Russian Federation in the Caspian Sea.

The exercise scenario involved a signal to the ISSCC coordinating captain on duty from the GMSCC operational duty officer about the activation of the emergency beacon on the ship "BT-100", staying in the Caspian Sea. After the ship's coordinates were determined, an alarm was declared. The captains of the other vessels were notified of the training accident. All units interacting in an emergency situation and the shipowner were also notified. "BT-100" did not come in contact and did not report the cause of the distress. Then the MSCC chief announced to all exercise participants that anyone who had seen or heard the "BT-100" should report it to the center. But none of the vessels had any communication with the "BT-100". The operation went into the "Disaster" stage.

All vessels participating in the exercise now inform the center of their location and when they will arrive at the point of the alleged "accident". The operational team, arriving at the ISSC, examines the data received from the coordinating captain, analyzes it and proposes a scenario for the rescue operation. The captain of the ship "Vympel" is in charge of the operation. The operational plan is discussed with him, the time when other ships and vessels will be in the search area is specified. At the same time all existing channels of communication with other vessels involved in search and rescue operation are checked.

As a result, the operational duty officer of the Azerbaijani National Center for Remote Identification and Tracking transmits a radiogram about establishing communication with the B-100 and declares the signal false. Further, the radiograms about the cancellation of the "Disaster" signal spread through other communication channels of the forces and means involved in the exercise.

Based on the results of the exercise, the readiness of all cooperating units to begin prompt search and rescue operations in the event of a real emergency situation in the Caspian Sea was confirmed.

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