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Turkmenistan - an important link in trans-Caspian and Eurasian routes

On Wednesday, October 5, the Caspian Economic Forum was held in Moscow. In the first part of the meeting at the round table, delegates from Turkmenistan presented to their foreign colleagues their proposals on the development and modernization of trans-Caspian and Eurasian routes and their benefits for regional partners.

Representatives of the ministries of transport of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan presented their reports to the participants of the meeting. Among the participants were representatives of companies located in the Astrakhan region, with which our state maintains logistics ties and hopes for long-term and fruitful cooperation.

The second part included discussions with representatives of companies that have influence on the development of the transport potential of the Caspian countries.

During the forum, the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation met with representatives of the transport complex of Turkmenistan.



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