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China's natural gas consumption is projected to grow in 2020

In 2020, the use of natural gas in China is expected to grow The use of natural gas in China, the share of this resource in total consumption will approach 10%. This conclusion was made by experts after a statement PetroChina, the largest oil and gas producer. At company refers to a three-year plan to combat elevated air pollution in the country. This document was signed in 2018, so it has not lost its relevance in the present time.

A PetroChina specialist noted, that next year China's own natural gas production will increase by 8.2%, which is projected to be about 187.5 billion cubic meters. As for imports of this resource, it is also planned to increase supplies, roughly by 9.3%, that is about 150 billion cubic meters.

Industrial fuel, gas power, and transportation are the three main segments of the Chinese economy where the use of natural gas is actively growing.

Recall that Turkmenistan is the main supplier of natural gas to Chinese partners. In December 2009, the Central Asia-China gas pipeline was launched, which became an important component of the business relations between the states. For ten years, from December 2009 to the end of December 2019, about 294.6 billion cubic meters of natural gas were exported to China.


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