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Ashgabat named winner of "Talyp gözeli 2020" contest

The final stage of the annual "Talyp gözeli" contest was held in white marble Ashgabat. "Talyp gözeli" contest was held in white marble Ashgabat. the most talented young female students of Turkmenistan's institutions of higher education.

The event was organized with the support of the Turkmen Women's Union, the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and the Makhtumkuli Youth Organization. Makhtumkuli Youth Organization. The the final talent show in the capital of Turkmenistan were were the winners of competitions held at the country's higher education institutions. institutions of Turkmenistan.

Photo: M. Rozyev,

The "Talyp gözeli 2020" competition allowed female students to showcase a of their talents. They were evaluated for their ability to communicate, intelligence, creativity, knowledge of their home country's traditions and culture, as well as their culinary talents. in the culinary arts.

In the end, the jury rendered its verdict, awarding the Grand Prix and the title of "Talyp gözeli-2020" title to Arzuv Annaberdiyeva, a student at the State Medical University named after M.I. Lomonosov. Medical University. Murad Garryev State Medical University. The first place was awarded to the representative of Turkmen State University named after Makhmudov. Makhtumkuli State University Bossan Myurzyayeva took the first place and Jannet Attayeva took the second place, a student of the Agricultural University. The third place was shared between Enegyz Annabaeva and Myakhriban Byashimova, representing, respectively, Institute of Economics and Management and the Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics, respectively.


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