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A huge white yurt is being built in Dashoguz

In the southwest of Dashoguz, construction work is underway on the giant engineering facility "Türkmeniň ak öýi" (White Turkmen Yurt). The building is designed for 3 thousand seats. The construction is carried out by the specialists and workers of IE "Rovshen". All actual requirements of urban development were met during the construction. The national architectural peculiarities are also taken into account.

The original complex structure occupies an area of more than 10.5 hectares. The Türkmeniň ak öýi building is shaped like a giant yurt. Concrete and steel structures of various profiles, ceilings and walls are already being concreted and installed. It is planned to locate a huge concert hall where not only cultural events but also large-scale forums will be held. One of the features of the hall will be a rotating stage. The project additionally provides for a spacious hall, a saadak hall, offices, recreational areas and apartments for VIPs. It is planned to equip the concert hall with modern acoustic systems and other types of necessary equipment.

In the design of the facade and in the interior decoration of the premises there will be a distinctive national flavor. According to the project, the majestic building will be equipped with the latest life support and communications systems. The adjoining territory is also planned to be equipped with facilities. There will be paved roads, a site for outdoor cultural events and parking lots. Also the space around the yurt will be decorated with flowerbeds and trees of exotic and coniferous species.

The facility being built in Dashoguz is an element of an architectural ensemble which has recently been created in the area of Rukhnama Street. In addition to the well-appointed "Dashoguz" hotel and the "Bagt Koshgi" palace, there is also a sports complex with a stadium for 10,000 spectators, a hippodrome and much more.

Similar yurts are also being built in Turkmenabat and Balkanabat, and they are scheduled for completion in 2021.


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