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In Mary, the best farmers were awarded

Mary, July 2, /Arzuw NEWS/. The city Palace of Culture held a ceremony honoring the farmers of Mary velayat, who made the greatest contribution during the grain harvesting season.

The event covered two events at once: one of them was dedicated to encouraging grain growers, and the second was about the successful delivery of over 345,000 tons of grain by farmers of Mary province.

Among the participants of the celebration are representatives of ministries, departments, public organizations, the media, artists and cultural figures, elders, faculty of the institutes and students.

The festive atmosphere of the event was given by performances of children's and youth ensembles. Along the stage there was an exhibition of food and textile industry products.

At the end of the celebration, an awarding ceremony was held for leading agricultural specialists. The best tenants, farmers and machine operators of Mary velayat received valuable gifts from the President of Turkmenistan.

I was allotted about two hectares of land, which I handled successfully, contributing my share to the harvesting campaign, as did many other daikhanas in Turkmenistan.

- Zybagozel Ovezova, a farmer from Mary province and a native of Yolotan, told

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