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Another COVID-19 vaccine registered in Russia

The 2nd vaccine against COVID-19 has been registered in the Russian Federation. This was announced by Vladimir Putin at a government meeting.

According to Deputy Prime Minister T. Golikova, 60 thousand doses of EpiVacCorona will be released in the near future and it will become available to a wide range of citizens on January 1. Forty thousand people have agreed to participate in the trials including 150 volunteers over 60 years old. T.Golikova and the head of Rospotrebnadzor A.Popova have already tried the new drug on themselves as confirmation of its safety.

"EpiVacCorona" is the second development of Russian scientists to fight COVID-19. Unlike Sputnik V, which is based on adenovirus, the new vaccine includes viral peptide proteins that train the immune system to fight COVID-19. The drug is administered intramuscularly two times with an interval of 14-21 days. In addition, a live vaccine is being developed by the M.P. Chumakov FNTsIRIP of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


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