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Competitions in show jumping were held in the capital of Turkmenistan

Competitions in show jumping were held in the capital of Turkmenistan

The white-marble capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, hosted a show jumping competition organized by the state association Türkmen atlary. Fourteen jockeys took part in the competition held at the open-air arena in the capital's equestrian complex. The event was dedicated to the National Akhalteke Holiday.

The tournament was divided into 2 gits - at the end of them there was also a jump-off. Participants marked the route and tasks. The first git included overcoming 12 obstacles, reaching 1.10 m in height. In the second git the height of 12 obstacles was 1.20 m. In both cases, participants had to make 15 jumps each.

Participants in the second race were those riders who had no more than four penalty points. In accordance with this criterion, the number of participating riders was reduced to ten.

True connoisseurs of the mentioned kind of equestrian sport came to cheer up the competitors. Athletes have delighted and pleasantly surprised fans, demonstrating not only masterful skills, but also an excellent understanding with their horses.

The winners of these competitions will be announced on April 25, during the celebrations of the Day of Akhal-Teke and Day of Turkmen Alabai.

Source: Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper


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