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Turkmenistan celebrated the Harvest Festival

November 8, 2020 all over Turkmenistan The celebrations to mark the occasion of the Harvest Festival. Workers of grain, melon and vegetable fields have shown good results this year. On the eve of at the Turkmen Agricultural University was honored and Awarding prizes to agricultural leadersThe following are the most important factors for the development of the region: dikhan- tenants, cotton growers, machine operators, agronomists and breeders.

Capital events were held at the Ashgabat Equestrian Complexe - here the best farmers of the country were congratulated. At the central entrance was arranged Exposition of achievements of the agro-industrial complex in cotton growing, cotton processing, textile industry, grain growing, cattle breeding, food sphere, exemplary planting material, new agricultural machinery.

Artists, sculptors, and jewelers of Turkmenistan also organized exhibition of worksThe young painters spent a day on the canvas creating thematic sketches during the event. The novice painters spent the day at the canvas, creating thematic sketches during the event.

Turkmen palvans and bakhshi sazandars demonstrated their skills in national games.

Pop singers, folk, musical and choreographic groups performed on the festive stage - they dedicated their numbers to the farmers of Turkmenistan.

Also in honor of the Harvest Festival races were held at the Ashgabat Hippodrome.

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