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Turkmenistan harvests good crops of late potatoes

Tebigy ekin" Daihan Association, summer received 4,811 tons of Gala early potato cropplanted on the 370 hectares. Farmers have now harvested 196 tons of late variety from 14 hectaresThe farming association also has a good crop of vegetables and melons. In addition to potatoes, this peasant association gets good yields of vegetable and melon crops - it grows cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, cabbage, carrots, beets, watermelons, melons, pumpkins, mush.

Also in 2020 the entrepreneur of Gokdepe etrap of the Akhal region harvested a crop of the autumn variety of potatoes. The trial planting yielded up to 1 kilogram of vegetable from each bush, that is, One hectare can yield 25-30 potatoes. In view of the positive result, it is planned to increase the planted area of potatoes. Specialists of vegetable departments of "Halk Market" have already evaluated the autumn variety of potatoes. New for Turkmenistan variety of planting material purchased from EUROPLANT (Germany) and adapted to the soils and climate of our country.

Sources: Türkmen gündogary and Watan


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