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The opening of a new city was held in Turkmenistan

Today the opening of a new modern village was held in Bereket etrap of Balkan velayat. New houses for 300 families have been built in the territory of the town.

Also on the territory of the campus there are a number of social facilities such as a school for 360 seats, kindergarten, hospital, buildings gengeshlik, shopping center, fire department building and a mosque designed for 300 seats.

It also built exterior and interior roads drinking water desalination buildings, sewage treatment facilities and a gas pipeline leading to and within the village.

In addition, a 107 km long water main was installed in the town. Utility workers make sure that the residents of the new town always have electricity, gas, and water.

The areas adjacent to the new buildings are landscaped and landscaped. There are also parking lots, sports fields, children's playgrounds, places for public events, including traditional sadaqas and family celebrations.

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