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Grain harvesting campaign started in Turkmenistan

Grain harvesting campaign started in Turkmenistan

President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov launched the grain harvesting campaign in Turkmenistan on June 4, 2021. And from June 11, farmers of Dashoguz and Balkan velayats will start harvesting crops.

Throughout the whole cycle of growing the harvest of 2021, the Turkmen farmers were fully provided with high-quality seeds, mineral fertilizers, agents to combat weeds and pests, water for irrigation and new equipment.

Opening the harvest, the leader of the nation stressed that its main goal is to harvest the crops, preventing losses, so that in the future the country's population will be provided with food. All this should guarantee a stable food supply.

This year, 690 thousand hectares were allocated for winter wheat, from which the farmers should collect at least 1.40 million tons of grain. It is planned that 400 thousand tons will be harvested in the Akhal velayat, 310 thousand tons and 345 thousand tons in Lebap and Mary, respectively. Balkan and Dashoguz velayat farmers are expected to fill the homeland with 80,000 tons and 265,000 tons of grain. In most of the farmland, the wheat varieties characterized by high yield were used for sowing - "Rovach", "Turkmenbashi-1", "Vatan", "Juwan", "Goshant", "Yoloten-1" and others.

It is planned to involve 2111 New Holland, Claas, Case and John Deere combine harvesters in harvesting. The work will be carried out around the clock and in two shifts, and the high-performance equipment involved will enable farmers to collect the harvest promptly and without losses.

Several hundred mobile brigades providing repair and technical services serve the farmers. This will provide participants of the harvest with spare parts and fuel and lubricants. Also comfortable living conditions will be created for the participants of the harvesting campaign-2021, mobile sales outlets and performances of artists will be organized.

The harvested grain will be delivered to the territory of 156 reception points, elevators and warehouses. Various ministries and sectoral agencies of Turkmenistan have allocated about 11 thousand trucks to implement the set task. The quality of incoming wheat will be checked by the laboratory specialists of the Main State Service "Türkmenstandartlary". The local branches of the State Bank "Daýhanbank" will pay the farmers for the harvest.

The start of the mowing season was also marked by production seminars with the participation of farmers, representatives of relevant ministries and departments, local authorities and honorary elders of Turkmenistan.

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