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Construction of the first stage of the ring energy system started in Turkmenistan

Construction of the first stage of the ring energy system started in Turkmenistan

In Turkmenistan, the construction of the first stage of the ring power system is gaining momentum. The power grids of Balkan, Akhal, and Dashoguz will become one, and the regions will receive a stable power supply. To complete the construction of the 220 kV power transmission line in the shortest possible time, the entire route was divided into sections where contractors are working on the construction of reinforced concrete foundations and supports for the new power line. The route, which is more than 420 km long, begins at the Gurtly substation and ends at the Serdar substation.

The general contractor is Turkmenenergogurlushyk Concern, which attracted private structures from Dashoguz, Lebap, Mary, Balkan, and Ashgabat. Divisions of the State Electricity Corporation "Turkmenenergo" are also involved in the construction of the power lines. The subordinate plant of reinforced concrete products, located on the territory of the capital's Bezmein etrap, is preparing foundations for electric poles.

The laying of foundations on the first section has already been completed. More than 500 metal supports have already been installed on the foundations, through which the high-voltage line will soon be pulled. On the second section, the laying of foundations has also been completed, on which more than 350 metal structures have already been arranged.

A total of 1,426 supports are planned to be installed so that the first stage of the ring power network can be considered completed. The electric substations "Kizylarvat-110", "Serdar-220" and "Balkan-500" will also be built. Installation of other equipment meant by the project and manufactured in accordance with European standards will also be carried out. The equipment was manufactured by companies from India, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

The second stage of construction of the ring will be carried out in the section located between Balkanabat and Dashoguz - its length is 567 km. Here it is planned to lay a 300 kV line.

The project is being implemented with credit funds allocated by the Asian Development Bank. With this money, the customer, the State Electricity Corporation "Turkmenenergo", signed contracts and purchased the necessary materials, equipment and vehicles. At present, they are involved in the construction of power lines.

The construction of Turkmenistan's ring power system is expected to be completed in 2023. This large-scale project will allow for mutual backup between the metropolitan and velayat energy systems, ensuring a stable supply of electricity even during repair work at any of the sites. The global objective of this project is to increase Turkmenistan's energy export potential, improve the living standards of the population and increase the volume of electricity generation.



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