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Ashgabat Spring ended in Turkmenistan

Ashgabat Spring ended in Turkmenistan

The capital of Turkmenistan has completed "Ashgabat Spring".. However, the names of winners and prize-winners of the short film contest dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Ashgabat, as well as the results of the audience voting, will be known on May 23. The results will be announced at the Ashgabat Cinema House in the capital.

A competent jury selected the 10 best films, made according to key criteria such as the presence of artistic idea and content. Contestants should tell the audience about their favorite city in a limited time (10-15 minutes). Demonstrate how the capital of Turkmenistan has grown, developed and improved during the period of state independence.

The guests of "Ashgabat Spring" had an opportunity to choose which of the contestants they liked the most. By marking the film they liked in special bulletins, cinephiles decided the fate of the Audience Favorite Prize.

One of the viewers said that she remembered the short film "Result" ("Netije") most of all. It shows, unfortunately, not an uncommon situation, when a woman in a hurry forgot to turn on the iron. She had left her two young sons behind and locked the door. The hot iron fell on the floor, hitting the carpet. The result was a fire.

However, emergency workers were able to save the children and put out the fire in time. The message of the film is that the value of an action, good or bad, is determined first and foremost by its result. The closing credits urge viewers to be vigilant.

Another guest of the festival mentioned such films as "My Dad" ("Meniň kakam") and "Daddy's Son" ("Kaka ogul"). The films impressed not only with their poignancy, but also with the excellent performance of the children's actors. The kids coped with the task perfectly and were able to convey the image in a very heartfelt way.

The films mentioned above are not only artistic, but also social. By touching on the age-old problems of fathers and children, they bring a modern component to them. Parents spend a lot of time at work, completely forgetting about their children. And those, in turn, do not understand why work is more important to them than even their own family members.

The film "The Actor" is one of the films that the audience has recognized. It tells the story of a young man who plays the leading role in a historical theatrical production. Although he is not lacking in talent and his colleagues believe in him, at some point the young man loses faith in his own strength and completely loses heart.

The premiere is just days away - and that's when a miracle happens. The main character is visited by a boy dressed as a wizard. The child gives the actor a gold coin. It has one miraculous property - it instills faith in the one who will toss it. And the coin helps the young man to restore his faith in himself and to handle his role with dignity.

The story of the coin is a legend about Sultan Sanjar, set forth in the book "The Spiritual World of Turkmens" by the leader of the nation, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov. It is this story that the creative team interpreted in their film.

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